Economical Plastic Sensor Will Identify Diseases

london sceintist economical plastic

London:- So far only the semiconductor plastic used in solar cells will be helpful in therapeutic work. Scientists have developed an economical sensor using semiconductor plastic. With this, many diseases, including complications related to surgery and neurodegenerative diseases, can be identified and monitored.

For the first time, a sensor made from a semiconductor plastic, which is included in any medical work, is of little value. Since no expensive metal has been used in this sensor. This sensor can measure the amount of metabolite needed for metabolism such as lactate and glucose etc. Lactate and glucose are mainly found in sweat, tear, saliva and blood. Detecting the quantity of these can be a quick and precise monitoring of health problems.

london semiconductor plastic

lactate volume:- Right now this sensor is used to measure lactate volume. The health of patients who have been diagnosed with lactate can be monitored. Cambridge University researcher Ana Maria said, “It can also be easily modified to identify other metabolites such as glucose and cholesterol etc.”

Scientists have created economical sensors from Semiconductor Plastics that will help in identifying many diseases. The sensor of very low cost to identify the diseases.

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