The Discovery Of 12 New Moons That Revolutionize Jupiter, Jupiter Is Largest Planet In The Solar System

jupiter moons solar system planets

Washington:- Scientists have discovered 12 new moons around the planet Jupiter, the largest planet in the Solar System. Along with that, Jupiter’s Moon has reached 79 and it has become the most satellite planet in the Solar System. The newly discovered satellites include a small moon of one kilometer in diameter, which scientists named ‘oddball‘.

jupiter moons solar system planet

Discovered:- Researchers from the US Carnegie Institute for Science discovered the Moon last year during the discovery of a planet away from Pluto. After nearly a year of research, they were confirmed. Of these nine, the Moon is rotating in the opposite direction of the planet’s rotation in orbit located away from Jupiter. In two years they revolve.

Two other moons are present in orbit around the planet and are rotating in the direction of its rotation. The angle of both of these tilts are identical and their orbital phase is completed in one year. It is likely that it is made of breaking a big moon. Audball is far from the moon located in the nearest orbit. It takes about one and a half years to complete the orbiter.

jupiter moons solar system planets

The scientists named the oddball named after Roman god Jupiter’s patriarch ‘Waltudo‘. Let us know that in the year 1610, Galileo Galilei, the first four moons of Jupiter were discovered.

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