Scientists Claim, The Secret Of ‘Bermuda Triangle’ Solved

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London:- British scientists have claimed that the secrets of the Bermuda Triangle have been resolved. Scientists claim that 100 ft high dangerous waves can be the reason for which the ships are lost in this mysterious Bermuda Triangle.

Mysterious:- Explain that the ships and planes passing through this area suddenly disappear. It is the most mysterious place in the world. Everything around here goes missing. Whether it’s a ship of water or airplane, what went around the Bermuda Triangle disappeared forever. NASA’s Satellite has photographed some of the Earth’s photographs that can remove the curtains from the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle. There is also a picture of the hovering clouds over the Bermuda Triangle located in the Atlantic Ocean.

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According to an estimate, for the past 70 years, no scientist could show the courage to take the cover of this secret, because the ships and planes passing through it suddenly disappeared into the sea trough due to special geographical reasons.

Earlier, the Australian scientist had said that the secret of the Bermuda Triangle is hidden in its geographical location and bad weather. Because of this, ships and planes disappear in that area of the Atlantic Ocean. The effect of the effect of the magnetic density on that area has also been accepted.

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Incidents:- This area of ​​the Bermuda Triangle stretches between 700,000 square kilometers between Florida, Bermuda and Puerto Rica. This area is close to the equator and the US has it. This area is part of the North West Atlantic Ocean in which many planes and ships have disappeared. It is also known as ‘Devil’s Triangle’. Over the last hundred years, more than 1000 people have lost their lives here. But experts from the University of Southampton believe that this secret can be described as a natural process, ‘dangerous waves’.

In 1997, for the first time, the high waves seen here by Satellite for the South African coast which ended in minutes. Its height is up to 100 feet.

bermuda triangle solved scientist atlantic ocean america us south africa dangerous mysterious

Some clouds over the Bermuda Triangle were completely different from the common clouds. It is clear in the satellite pictures that the size of some clouds moving above the Bermuda Triangle is like a hexagon. Under these clouds there is a tornado of storm winds of 274 kilometers per hour. Scientists described the tornado as an air bomb, which absorbs everything that comes in the way. This air bomb comes down and bumps into the sea. This leads to higher waves rising. These waves that rise in the ocean swallow everything that exists nearby.

It is noteworthy that the veil of more than 200 plains and more than 1,000 lives has not yet been released from the mysteries of this triangle. Flight 19 disappeared from this area. It was a training flight of the TBM warship bomber aircraft which disappeared on December 5, 1945, passing over the Atlantic. There was also a case of mysterious disappearance of another Plain Mary Celeste in 1872, besides the disappearance of several other planes and sea ships from this area.

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